San Jose de Trozo

TrozoLocation: Sta. Cruz, Manila
San Jose de Trozo Parish Church was established in 1932 although the seat of the Church which is called Masangkay existed already during the Spanish period in the Philippines. In those times, Masangkay was part of Binondo and it was said that it was here that Emilio Jacinto was born. The parish was still a chapel under Espiritu Santo which was managed by the SVDs before it was raised into a parish. LRMS priests began to minister at San Jose de Trozo Parish since 1994. Fr. Anthony Olaguer, LRMS is the parish priest, Fr. Mark Lemuel Tibay, LRMS as the parochial vicar, and Rev. Mark Anthony Balderama, LRMS as ministering deacon.

TonyFr. Anthony Olaguer III, LRMS
Parish Priest

Fr. Mark Lemuel Tibay, LRMS
Parochial Vicar