Kong Hua School

KonghuaLocation: Cagayan de Oro City
Kong Hua School was founded in 1937. Its vision states: “Kong Hua School is an educative community called to foster and mutually respect, preserve and enrich the Chinese and Filipino heritage and cultures. By Living the Christian values particularly the Founder’s core values of love, fidelity, integrity, and wisdom, we will build a society of peace and universal brotherhood under the one Fatherhood of God.” LRMS priests came to administer the school since 2009. Currently, Fr. Roberto Fabillo, LRMS serve as the Director while Fr. Peter Zhang, LRMS as Director of the Chinese Department. Fr. Roberto Barcelona, LRMS was assigned as Campus Minister in 2013.

Fr. Roberto Fabillo, LRMS
School Director

Fr. Peter Zhang Xue Lei, LRMS
Director of the Chinese Department

Fr. Roberto Barcelona, LRMS
Campus Minister