Seventh Day

Opening Song

Oh, dear martyr of God; dear San Lorenzo Ruiz, you sealed your faith with blood, dying a Christian death. Teach us to follow Christ, walk with Him all the Way. Carrying the cross aright onward to Calvary.

Hail! San Lorenzo, dear San Lorenzo, pray for the Philippines. Pray for Asia. Pray for the world.

Opening Prayer

Dear Lord, we acknowledge that you are the source of all truth, goodness, beauty and holiness. You have inspired Your son, San Lorenzo Ruiz, to proclaim your name by the shedding of his blood. Be with us throughout this Novena so that like San Lorenzo Ruiz, we may also allow You to be the center and master of our lives. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Day Seven
Source of Strength

“Through the witness of their lives generously offered for love of Christ, the new saints speak to the entire Church today, they draw her on and stimulate her in her evangelizing mission… The missionaries who are being canonized today, on this day of prayer for the missions, speak to all the Christian faithful, exhorting them to rekindle their missionary conscience.” (Blessed John Paul II)

You were not alone, Lorenzo, in the painful tortures that you have experienced. You companion priests and some lay people like you, have shown great courage and readiness to suffer for the faith. They were your constant guide and strength during those times you felt the darkness overcoming the light. They prayed for you and you prayed for them. You were united in your resolve to show your love and faith in God by offering your lives to Him.
Dear San Lorenzo, God has given you good companions during the time you needed them most. Their unceasing prayer, constant faith and undying love for God have strengthened your spirit. Help us also to look for good friends who will encourage us to do good and to persevere in living the faith and, if need be, to die for it for the love of God. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Hymn To San Lorenzo Ruiz

Ang Bayang Pilipino ngayon ay nagsasaya,
Isang sugo sa langit tayo ay mayroon na,
Salamat sa Maykapal sa banal na biyaya,
Tinanghal ng daigdig kayumangging dakila.

Purihin ka, Lorenzo, at ‘yong mga kasama;
alagad ng Maykapal, sagisag ng pag-asa
Sa rosaryo ng Birhen, kami’y iyong kasama
Iyo ang aming puso, Lorenzo de Manila
Iyo ang aming puso, Lorenzo de Manila

Ipagbunyi din natin mga kasamang martir,
Sa lupa at sa langit, sila ay dadakilain
Salamat sa Maykapal sa banal na biyaya,
Tinanghal ng daigdig kayumangging dakila.