The Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society is a member of the Asian-Born Mission Societies of Apostolic Life (AMSAL). The call of mission and evangelization of the the Risen Lord which was said to his apostles and disciples is ever true until today. It has ever found a more important place and urgency in the Church and has advanced in many places and cultures especially in Asia today. With the steadfast growth of secularization and materialism, cultures and peoples of Asia hunger for the Word that brings life and harmony, and meaningfulness of life. Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI constantly called for mission particularly the urgent relationship between local church and local culture. Since the local churches of Asia believes that the Church is missionary by its very nature, (Ad Gentes 2), they become more committed to mission and evangelization. Today, they have made progress in mission and have started a significant contribution to the entire Catholic Church. In recent years, Mission Societies of Apostolic Life begin to emerge for missio ad gentes (mission to the nations). Currently, there are six Asian-Born Mission Societies of Apostolic life and the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society is one of them. It was founded January 14, 1997 upon the issuance of a Decree of Approval and Support by His Eminence Jaime Cardinal L. Sin, D.D. who was the Archbishop of Manila that time. Today, the LRMS has 25 members who are assigned in the Philippines and Taiwan.

amsalThe picture on the left shows the gathering of Superiors and Representatives of Asian-Born Mission Societies of Apostolic Life (AMSAL) during a meeting in Seoul, South Korea in April 2012. AMSAL regional gathering transpires every other year for planning, fellowship and mission-experience sharing. AMSAL is comprised of the following mission societies: Mission Society of the Philippines (1965); Missionary Society of Saint Thomas the Apostle–India (1968); Catholic Foreign Mission Society of Korea (1975); Missionary Society of the Heralds of Good News–India (1984); Mission Society of Thailand (1990); Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society–Philippines (1997).

Vision Statement of AMSAL

We superiors-generals and other delegates of the AMSAL Colloquium, after deliberating on the concerned issues, wish to make the following observations and commitment:

1.  Conscious that the originality of our Mission Societies is Ad Gentes, Ad Exteros, and Ad Vitam, we took stock of the following realities of Asian countries: that over 50% of the world’s population resides in Asia; that Catholics in Asia are only a small minority of less than 2% (the Philippines is the only predominantly Catholic nation); that the majority of poor people live in this continent; that Asia is the birthplace of the five major religions of the world (Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity); and, that there is the variety of deeply-rooted living cultures in Asia.

2.  With this background, we see the urgency of the implementation of the missionary mandate of Jesus Christ and hear the call specially addressed to us as Mission Societies Ad Gentes. We realize that:

  1. Jesus who came as a messenger of the love of God our Father is himself the Message of Life and must be proclaimed in word and life.
  2. Our message is that it is through his death, the breaking of his body and the shedding of his blood, that we receive forgiveness of sins. His death is the expression of the greatest love of God for us. Therefore, he is the only Savior of the World.
  3. This message, which is being conveyed through our instrument- ality by the same Jesus and the Holy Spirit, who is the principal agent of mission, will be effective only if we witness to it through our life.
  4. This message of the love of God the Father can best be proclaimed in the context of multi-religious and pluri-cultural Asia and prevalent poverty of its peoples through the mode of triple dialogue with the religions, cultures and poor among whom we live.

Therefore, we commit ourselves:

  1. To take every opportunity to make Jesus Christ and his message known in a way that is acceptance to Asians, presenting him to them with an “Asian Face,” using Asian cultural concepts, terms and symbols.
  2. To learn about the other religions and understand cultures, taking the Incarnation as our model.
  3. To present the Gospel message as humble servants of the Kingdom of God, always sensitive to the religious and cultural traditions of the people where the Spirit leads us to make Jesus known.
  4. To strive to be transformed by a life of prayer and contemplation into presenters of Jesus Christ, the kind, compassionate, true and divine master.
  5. To inculcate this spirit and the specific charism of our Mission Societies in all our future proclaimers throughout their formation period.
  6. To be supportive of each other both through regular meetings and apostolic collaboration in the mission areas where two or more of our Mission Societies work.

We present this our commitment through Mary, Queen of the Apostles, to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, who is the principal agent of mission, ready to be led by this same Spirit where he wills.


The Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society is also a member of the Mission Institutes and Societies of Apostolic Life. The group exists for the world cohesive action toward Catholic mission animation as well as fostering international brotherhood among members of mission societies of apostolic life. MISAL gathers every other year for aggiornamento and planning. 21 Institutes and Societies of Apostolic Life were represented in the Seoul, South Korea general assembly in 2012. The Missionary Societies of Apostolic Life are as follows:

1. Mission Society of the Philippines (MSP) Philippines
2. Catholic Mission Society of America Maryknoll, (MM) USA
3. Quebec Foreign Mission Society (PME) Canada
4. Scarboro Foreign Mission Society (SFM) (Canada)
5. Guadalupe Missions (MG) Mexico
6. Missionary Society of St. Paul of Nigeria (MSP) Nigeria
7. Korean Missionary Society (KMS) South Korea
8. Missionary Society of St. Thomas The Apostle (MST) India
9. Thai Mission Society (TMS) Thailand
10. Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society (LRMS) Philippines
11. Paris Foreign Mission Society (MEP) France
12. Pontifical Institutes For Foreign Missions (PIME) Italy
13. Missionaries of Africa (M.Afr) Italy
14. Mill Hill Missionaries (MHM) London
15. Instituto Espanol De Missions Extranjeras (IEME) Madrid
16. Missionary Society of St. Columban (SSC) Ireland
17. Good News Society (SMBN) Portugal
18. Missions Gesellschaft Bethlehem (SMB) Switzerland
19. St. Patrick’s Missionary Society (SPS) Ireland
20. Société Des Prêtres de St. Jacques (St. Jacques)
21. Society of African Missions (SMA) France
22. Misioneros de Yarumal (Colombia)
23. Missioneros Eudistas (Colombie)