Spiritual Formation

The Lorenzo Mission Institute fosters an atmosphere of spiritual growth among future priests and missionaries. The spiritual life of a missionary is integral for mission work. The seminarian should develop a strong and deep relationship with God as the foundation of his future missionary activity. The Updated Philippine Program for Priestly Formation underlines this ” the ministry of the servant-leader who is configured to Jesus, the Good Shepherd and Head, rests on a deep personal communion with Jesus in the Spirit, leading one to imitate Jesus’ filial obedience to the Father and love for the Body, the Church.”

It has to be noted well that human formation finds its completion and fulfillment in spiritual formation. The seminarian is taught to constantly search for Jesus and His Will in order to develop dynamism in his spiritual life. According to John Paul II, the spiritual life of the seminarian is nothing else but “living intimately united with Jesus Christ.” The Lorenzo Mission Institute provides the opportunity of every seminarian to develop the sense of the Eucharist and other forms of prayer that would enhance their life of prayer. The missionary is a lover of the Eucharist and a lover of the Church.

The spiritual life of every seminarian has to be inspired by the Paschal Mystery of Christ. It is because spiritual formation has its roots in the experience of the Paschal Mystery. John Paul II says that without spiritual formation, pastoral formation would be left without foundation… (PDV 45). The fruits of missionary activity depend on one’s meaningful communion with Christ. The Lorenzo Mission Institute seeks to fulfill the vision of the Church regarding all the elements needed for a profound missionary spirituality. Missio ad gentes, missio ad exteros, and missio ad vitam require a distinct missionary spirituality which centers on the Eucharist, Holy Spirit, Culture, and Dialogue.