Intellectual Formation

The Lorenzo Mission Institute prepares seminarians to be missionaries for the universal Church with a specific character or charism of attending to the spiritual and pastoral needs of the Filipino-Chinese and Chinese communities in the world. Academic formation is an important aspect of missionary preparation especially for missio ad gentes, missio ad exteros and missio ad vitam. The Lorenzo Mission Institute through San Carlos Seminary, Makati City offers Masters in Theology Major in Missiology and Masters in Theology Major in Religious Studies. The seminarians are enrolled at San Carlos Seminary of the Archdiocese of Manila for Philosophy and Theology. As an injunction, Chinese language and traditions are offered in the seminary to acquaint and orient them toward a charism that will help them in their missionary activity. The Intellectual formation include subjects in Missiology aside from the subjects required for the Priesthood.

As an Academic Institution under the programs of San Carlos Seminary Graduate School of Theology, the Lorenzo Mission Institute¬†offers a Master’s Degree in Theology as a way of providing a humble missionary assistance to those priests, religious, and lay individuals who desire to obtain such degree for the mission. Seminarians are encouraged to have such degrees so that they may be able to reflect, integrate, and facilitate both praxis and theology in their pastoral ¬†and missionary experiences. The Updated Philippine Program for Priestly Formation (UPPPF) underlines the importance of Theology saying that “theology always moves into two directions: the study of the Word of God and the study of humanity that converses with God.”

The Lorenzo Mission Institute is primarily a seminary forming seminarians for the priesthood equipping them for the mission also through academic and intellectual preparedness. The UPPPF highlights the primary objective of the theology seminary which is “to form true pastors of the Church, after the model of Jesus Christ, the Head of the Body and the Good Shepherd. Priests live their vocation in the midst of the people of God, from within and never outside the Christian community, as a member of and as one ordained for the priestly people.”