Human Formation

The Lorenzo Mission Institute aims to produce missionary priests capable of shepherding God’s people. Thus, a fit human formation has to be employed to bring about a missionary who is capable of addressing the pressing human needs of people of all walks of life. The primary goal of seminary formation is to form pastors of the Church after Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd.

The Updated Philippine Program for Priestly Formation exhorts that “a serious and keen attention to the factors arising from personal history and culture and from the wider Philippine history, culture, society, etc. that form the “humanity of the seminarians is needed to understand the seminarians and to formulate programs suitable for their unique needs.” The missionary formation offered in the Lorenzo Mission Institute embodies what the Philippine Program demands and dictates. It believes that seminarians pursuing the priesthood are influenced by different factos that shape their own behavior, attitudes, worldview, core values and mindsets. Thus, one of the central aspects of missionary formation is the formidable influences of the environment of which the seminarian grew up. If the values of the shapes the person, thus every seminarian should be molded after the Gospel values.

Human Formation in the Lorenzo Mission Institute affirms the beauty and the abundance of God’s grace. It affirms the individual unique qualities he possess. Seminarians have to be formed in order to develop self-esteem and to be a man for others. The Philippine Program for Priestly Training says that in self-giving, a seminarian has to develop self-knowledge, self-appreciation, and self-acceptance or in other words, in self-love.

Every missionary does not only develop self-knowledge and self-acceptance but he grows more to be a gift for others. Missionary work involves giving of oneself and he develops the giftedness of himself in order that God may use the missionary as an instrument of His grace. A seminarian therefore develops self-sacrifice and self-giving by embracing freely the gift of celibacy. Seminary formation has to accompany the seminarian in discerning more the gift of celibacy that is offered to him by God and the Church. A total giving of himself foward God and the Church through the gift of celibacy will enable the missionary to totally give himself to the people he serves. Therefore, this self-giving becomes a virtue in the life of the missionary which would lead him toward a life of simplicity for the Lord.