Tribal Exposure

The LMI seminarians have the opportunity to be with the natives of Malita, Davao del Sur. In the place known as the “little Baguio,” we will find a fitting place to do missions. Many of the residents do not still know how to read and write. Fr. Pierre Samson (PME) pioneered in doing missions by elevating their livelihood, schools for reading and writing, and providing health care among the “Bilaan” tribe. little baguioLMI seminarians havethe chance to visit and minister to them moving from one place toanother, traversing the steep mountain slopes and walking miles away and returning to the head camp for rest and meal, living in simplicity and encouraging the people to hope and have strong faith in the Lord, assisting in the reading and learning about the Bible, ecumenical dialogue and awareness, appreciating peace and order situations. LMI seminarians have been exposed to these forms of missionary experiences for more than 18 years. ┬áThe Second Vatican Council exhorts that “it is necessary for the students to learn the art of exercising the apostolate not only theoretically but also practically, and to be able to act both on their own responsibility and in harmonious conjunction with others, they should be initiated into pastoral work, both during their course of studies and also during the time of vacations, by opportune practical projects.” (OT 20)