cpeThe Clinical-Pastoral Education (CPE) is part of the LMI seminary structure. It is exposing the seminarian to clinical situations, personal encounter with the patient in hospitals, developing an atmosphere of interpersonal relationships, and addressing personal issues through learning about the personal issues and problems of others especially those who have physical predicaments. It is to help the clergy and the seminarians to see the connectivity between mind, body and spirit. For LMI seminarians, the CPE is an important component that will┬áteach pastoral care and leadership for their future ministry. More importantly, the CPE prepares LMI seminarians who might eventually be hospital chaplains in their future missions. In fact, the CPE serves as a program for on-going formation of priests that is mentioned by the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines. Support and assistance has to be rendered by the Church regarding this difficult ministry. In the Acts and Decrees of PCP II, it states “encouragement and on-going formation, such as Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) should be given to priests who show an aptitude and desire to minister to the sick in hospitals.” The CPE, a 10-week journey is a component of the Orientation Year program which takes place after Philosophy.