The Lorenzo Mission Institute is a seminary responsible of forming missionary and diocesan priests for the Archdiocese of Manila. The number of years of seminary formation varies, depending what academic level or professional status a seminarian has by the time he enters the seminary. Normally there are 10 years of seminary formation for those who enter the seminary right after grade 10 and 7 years for those who enter the seminary as a professional or those who have already exercised their profession for a number of years. The following structures reflect the levels of formation:

  1. Senior High School- (Grades 11 and 12) The Lorenzo Mission Institute offers two years of courses for the Senior High School which will prepare seminarians for Philosophy. These Pre-Philosophy courses will include Latin, Spirituality Courses, Orientation to Seminary life like spiritual direction and catechism. Minor subjects which the Commission on Higher Education requires will be offered here before they take Philosophy.
  2. Philosophy-(3 years) The seminarians are obliged to take at least the required 24 units of Philosophy in preparation for Theology. There are subjects stipulated by the San Carlos Seminary Graduate School of Theology that serve as prerequisites for entering Theology.
  3. Pre-Orientation Year– (1 Year) When a seminarian reaches Third Year Philosophy and expresses his desire of entering the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society, he enters into a preparatory phase disposing one for the Orientation Year which serves as an intensive Pastoral and Apostolic entry into the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society. For those who had a working experience or had applied in the seminary after their exercise of their profession, they need at least a year of residence before entering the Pre-Orientation Year; while those who had graduated from college from other seminaries or had transferred to LMI may be subsequently admitted into the Pre-orientation Year as he takes courses in Theology.
  4. Orientation Year– (1 Year) The Orientation Year is an important level of seminary formation. It is a year of intensive experience of Missionary Spirituality, Pastoral and Apostolic formation that would solemnly prepare one for the two commitments a member will later declare before the community: Temporal and Perpetual Commitments to the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society. The Orientation Year will be applied to those who underwent the Pre-Orientation Year.
  5. Pre-Theology– (1 Year) For those who desired to enter the seminary after being a professional or had a working experience prior to their entry, have to take the required philosophy courses, spirituality courses, and language courses before entering Theology and will be under the Pre-Theology Program. The Pre-Theology level is not applicable to those who are graduates of Philosophy in the seminary.
  6. Theology  (4 Years)- Each seminarian has to take the theology courses required for the priesthood and besides they also enter automatically into the curriculum for the Master of Arts Degrees in Theology. LMI seminarians enrol in Master of Arts in Theology, Major in Missiology and Major in Religious Studies.
  7. Overseas Training Program– (2 Years) This program will be applied between second and third year theology. It will be an intensive period of language and pastoral exposure overseas. The program will equip the seminarian before his diaconal ordination. As of now, the Overseas Training Program is not yet applied at LMI.