FCCYThe Lorenzo Mission Institute is a close collaborator and a supporter of the Filipino-Chinese Catholic Youth as a national movement and organization in the Philippines and abroad. The seminary is in solidarity with the FCCY as it celebrates this year its 60th anniversary. Since the start of the Lorenzo Mission Institute, the seminary has been journeying and has been envisioning to be in collaboration with the future of the Filipino-Chinese Catholic Communities-The FCCY.
fccy In 1954, just less a decade before the start of the Second Vatican Council, Fr. Louis Papilla began the Filipino-Chinese Catholic Youth organization which will focus on the evangelization of the Filipino-Chinese Communities. But before it became the Filipino-Chinese Catholic Youth or FCCY in 1976, it was formerly called Chinese Catholic Youth or CCY in 1954.
Records reveal that the CCY began with 115 members among the parishes in Metro Manila and 128 members among the parishes of Cebu, Tuguegarao, Tacloban, Lucena and Aparri. Bishop Juan B. Velasco, OP became the first bishop in charge for the evangelization of the CCY then. It was already foreseen that the Filipino-Chinese Catholic Youth would be an important organization among the Catholic Filipino-Chinese lay institutions that needed much attention and support. In 1985, Bishop Teodoro Buhain, D.D. became the National Coordinator for the Chinese Apostolate in the Philippines which included the supervision of the FCCY as one of his major areas of concern. It was also in 1985 that Fr. Santiago Leon, SJ. who was appointed as the new assistant coordinator. Since the beginning of the Lorenzo Mission Institute in 1987, the seminary serves the FCCY.
Today, Fr. Peterson Tieng, LRMS is the national spiritual director of the FCCY with more than 22 chapters all over the country. Bishop Paul Jaucian, D.D. is currently the National Coordinator of the Filipino-Chinese Apostolate in the Philippines. The Filipino-Chinese Catholic Youth National Directorate was also established for coordination and structure. It is composed of 7 National Stewards and 5 Regional Stewards who shall be supervised directly by Fr. Peterson Tieng, LRMS.

The National Convention of the FCCY is held every two years for aggiornamento, fellowship, formation, prayer, and team building. At the chapter level, the FCCY are encouraged to have their bible studies, group prayer, catechism classes, and various services in the parishes.