Hard it was for us to meet …

A Day

Today the body of the LMI Founding Rector Msgr. John Su was finally laid to rest in Bacolod City. The LMI Seminarians and personnel observed a day of mourning by offering their silence and sacrifices  even though they were not physically present in the burial by praying the Divine Mercy and Rosary prayers at 3:00 PM today at the LMI Chapel.

Most of the seminarians may not have met Msgr. Su but the beautiful stories narrated to them by the LRMS priests and formators gave them an insight of his life. The seminarians learned from the Father Rector at the first day of the novena mass that Msgr. John Su was a disciplinarian and lived a life of gratitude.

We came across an article in the internet which mentioned a snippet of an English translation of a poem by Li Shangyin. The touching two couplets talks about the pain of bidding goodbye to loved ones. Li Shangyin was one of the greatest late Tang Dynasty poets.  We dedicate this poem to him. Tsai Jian Msgr. John Su!

Hard it was for us to meet, and hard to part, 
Now the east wind is languid and all the flowers wither.
A spring silkworm spins its thread until its dying day,
A candle’s tears do not dry until it has burned down to ash.

– Written by Sem. Zeus  and photo by Sem. Robert –

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