laboraTake me to your caress
Oh my Trinity Divine
Where darkness is outcasted
Only Thy goodness is apparent

But how can I see thee?
From here is too far
Where suffering is not culminating
Bring me to your utopia

Formation is your consolation
For us to grow in holiness
Thank you for the gift of father formators
They make us perpetually grounded

And now we are being asked
What can we contribute?
In your house of prayer
For us to manifest our faith

To obey is to follow rules
To be patient is to endure
To be selfless is to be giving
To love is to conquer everything

Oh my little faith!
Tinier than a mustard seed
Wake me up in your glory
Bring forth your mercy

All these things
Though hard it may seem
To persist is to dream
To work is a great leap

– Sem. Robert –

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