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The Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society

Epiphanio de los Santos Avenue,

Barangay Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City


Tel: +63 (2) 895-88-55 local 450


The Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society is a concrete response to the call of the New Evangelization and Missio ad Gentes in the Philippines, in Asia, and in the world. It tries to fulfill the vision of John Paul II who came to the Philippines in 1981 and challenged the local church to be a new “lamp in Asia” where the Christian faith is becoming more relevant especially to the peoples of this continent. The Church has to answer the call towards dialogue among the poor, dialogue among followers of non-Christian religions, and dialogue with cultures in order to foster a new way of being church in these contemporary times. The peoples of Asia thirsts for God, truth, and harmony.

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